Product Overview

Uses Patented Imaging Technology to
Reduce Setup and Measurement Times.

Utilizing patented imaging technology, the V3D-EL provides accurate, real-time measurements - reducing setup and measurement times while generating serious productivity benefits. Matched with easy-to-use software, the V3D-EL wheel aligner will have your technicians getting readings in a matter of minutes. (Shown with Optional Variable-Height Camera Support)

* Requires Optional Variable-Height Camera Support (VHCS).

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AC200 Clamp with Ultra Targets

Versatile, Accurate Hardware

  • Digital cameras produce accurate, live alignment readings and diagnostic data
  • Passive front and rear targets improve durability with no electronics to damage

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EZ-Link™* Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) Reset

EZ-Link™ software alerts the technician of OEM service and maintenance procedures related to Electronic Stability Control and Electric Power Steering systems.

OEM instructions guide the technician through the process of resetting the steering angle sensors along with other sensors as required. EZ-Link™ includes manual as well as electronic resets.


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3D Animation

Help Videos

  • View detailed videos of how to make needed adjustments to complete even the most complex tasks
  • Refers to spare parts or special tools as applicable

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EAA0321J19C: Optional Variable-Height Camera Support (Shown with Standard Camera Beam Assembly)

Optional Variable-Height Camera Support

  • Variable-Height Camera Support (VHCS) (EAA0321J19C) - Shown with standard Camera Beam Assembly
  • Eliminates the need to fixed-position/level surfaces during alignments

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Universal Wheel Clamps

Universal Wheel Clamps

  • Handles wheel diameters ranging 13" to 24" (33cm to 61cm) standard. Increase clamping diameter to 28" (71cm) with Optional Clamp Extensions EAK0268J62A
  • Interchangeable grippers minimize wheel damage

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EAK0268J63A: Optional Alloy Quick Clamp Kit

Optional Alloy Quick Clamp Kit

  • (EAK0268J63A) Clamp accurately and safely on the tire to avoid scratching the wheel

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  • Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicator
  • Guides technician through measuring process
  • Reduces the amount of time spent walking back and forth from the vehicle to the aligner console

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  • SAI and Thrust Angle
  • Included Angle
  • Toe Out On Turns/Max Turn
  • Front and Rear Toe
  • Front/Rear/All/Zoom Readings
  • FrameCheck™ Light Truck Frame Angle
  • Initial/Final Color Printouts
  • Individual Camber/Caster/Toe
  • Front Caster (-28° to +28°)
  • Front & Rear Camber (-15° to +15°)
  • Help Videos
  • A-Arm Adjustments
  • Adjust Camber Only
  • Elevated Adjustments
  • Rear Shim Programs
  • Multiple Lift Support (3)
  • EZ*Link™*
  • EZ*Toe™*
  • Live Caster, Camber and Toe - Turnplates
  • Live Caster, Camber and Toe - Elevated
  • Equalize Toe Warning
  • Adjust Front Before Rear Warning
  • Multiple Clamp Support
  • 2-Wheel Alignment
  • 32 Languages
  • Multiple Print Formats
  • Custom Vehicle Specifications
  • Regional Specifications
  • Integrated Help System (PDF)
  • Tools, Parts, and Adjustment Instructions
  • Advanced Customer Database with Backup/Restore
  • Multiple Units of Measure
  • Caster and SAI on Turnplates
  • SAI Elevated
  • NorthStar Shim Program
  • Light Truck Bushing
  • Vehicle Specs: 25+ years
  • Remote Control (Optional)
  • Variable-Height Camera Support Controls

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Part Number EEWA544AL
Tire Diameter Up to 37" (94 cm)
Wheel Size 13" - 24" (33 - 61 cm)
Track Width 48" - 96" (122 - 244 cm)
Wheelbase 79" - 180" (201 - 457 cm)
Color Printer Included
Power Requirements 120/230V 1Ph 50/60Hz


Standard Accessories

Part Number Description
00055502000 Steering Wheel Holder
00000096000 Brake Pedal Depressor
EAA0305J48A Camera Beam Assembly
EAK0268J52A Universal Wheel Clamps and Shatter-proof Imaging Targets (2 Front and 2 Rear)

Optional Accessories

Part Number Description
EAK0289J06A Premium Turnplates
EAK0277J28A Paddle Kit for Premium Turnplates
EAK0277J39A 4-Post Rollback Kit
EAK0277J40A 12K Scissor Rollback Kit
EAK0277J47A 12K Scissor Roll Forward/Rollback Kit
EAK0277J67A 10K/14K Scissor Rollback Kit
EAK0277J45A Hunter/Rotary Rollback Kit
8-05320A Frame Angle Gauge
EAK0268J62A Universal Wheel Clamp Extension Kit up to 28" (71cm)
EAK0268J63A AC200 Alloy Quick Clamp Kit
EAK0289J35A Convex Mirror 36" (91.4cm) Wide with Hardware
EAK0289J71A Universal Wheel Clamp Floor Stand

Optional Camera Support Configurations

Part Number Description
EAA0321J19C Variable-Height Camera Support
(Not compatible with EEWA541AL)
EAA0321J01A Fixed-Height Camera Support
EAK0289J79A FHCSE/ETCS Kit. Includes: Fixed-Height Camera Support Extended (FHCSE), Electronic-Tilt Camera System (ETCS), Universal Wheel Clamp Storage Brackets, Floor Anchoring Brackets, and Mounting Hardware
EAK0289J36A Wall/Pit Camera Support (Adjustable 36" - 60". Includes Convex Mirror)
EAK0289J63A Wall/Pit Camera Support (8")
EAK0289J64A Electronic-Tilt Camera System