System V

Tilt Tower Tire Changer

Product range
High Volume

System V

Tilt Tower Tire Changer

Product range
High Volume


The System V tire changer handles a wide range of high-performance wheel and tire assemblies, including low-profile and run-flat tires. Advanced features, such as pneumatic locking of the mount/demount head offset, provide maximum cosmetic safety for expensive wheels and significantly reduce the risk of wheel or tire damage. The tilt-tower provides maximum clearance for technicians when placing wheel and tire assemblies into position. Pneumatic bead assist is standard.

  • Part Number:  EEWH591AUA

  • Ergonomically Positioned Bead Breaker Control - Pedal is positioned away from the bead breaker with a guard, preventing the operator from accidentally stepping on an activating it while standing next to the bead breaker.

  • Integrated Pressure Limiter - Stops air flow once pressure has reached 55 PSI (3.5 Bar), thereby preventing accidental tire over-inflation.

  • Adjustable Four-Jaw Clamp - Self-centering nylon-covered clamps grip securely and protect the wheel. Reduced-angle jaws ensure no slippage. Air inflation jets assist bead seating.

  • Extra Wheel Protection - Replaceable nylon inserts for demount heads prevent wheel scratching. Replaceable polymer remount heads are also available for extended protection.

  • Twin-Cylinder Clamping - Two power clamping cylinders provide uniform clamping pressure and increased clamping power.

  • Bead Breaker - Provides precise power and can be toggled with the foot pedal as needed. Both the stiffest and the softest sidewalls are a snap. No damage to tires while loosening the bead.

  • Pneumatic Bead Assist - The standard pneumatic bead assist features a three-piece design with a top roller, pressing foot and lifting disc. Each piece provides a specialized function that assists a single operator in mounting/demounting low-profile and high-performance tires.

  • Adjustable two position bead breaker with robust, anti-skid contact pad and over-sized bead-breaking blade.

  • Pneumatically controlled movement of the mounting head toward the wheel.

  • Mounting column can be tilted back to increase the space the technician has to maneuver the wheel and tire assembly.

  • Polymer inserts protect the wheel and prevent clear-coat damage.

  • Pedal operated inflation.

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Bead Breaker Blade


Owing to its special shape the bead breaker blade handles rims most gently and facilitates operation considerably.



Owing to the quick exchange device, steel and plastic mounting heads can be quickly swapped over


File size : 4,927.32 Kb
File size : 3,408.40 Kb


Part Number EEWH591AUA
Outer-Clamping Diameter Range 12"-26"
Inner-Clamping Diameter Range 14"-26"
Maximum Wheel Width 16" 
Maximum Tire Diameter 47" 
Compressed Air Supply 110-170 PSI
Adjustable Four Claw Wheel Clamp Included
Integrated Bead Seating Jets Included
Twin Cylinder Turntable Clamping Included
Bead Breaker Power 3,400 lbs @ 170 PSI
Bead Breaker Range Position one: 2.5"-12"               Position two: 6"-16.5" 
Recommended Floor Space 72" (W) x 78" (D)
Shipping Weight 1,000 lbs
Power Requirements 120V 1Ph 60Hz
T5745T with PROspeed Power Requirements 208-230V 1Ph 16A 60Hz
Optional Pneumatic Bead Assist Part Number Standard