Tyre Changers

Make your work more productive and save time as you deal with more and more vehicles thanks to the range of tyre changers from John Bean.

Specialised centres providing tyre assistance and ordinary garages all over the world choose our professional tyre changers even when they deal with a large number of tyre changes.

Our tyre changers are also chosen by transport companies and municipal fleets.

The materials used and manufacturing techniques make John Bean manual changers hard-wearing, long-lasting, easy to use and reliable.

The advanced technology of the highly automated models perfectly coordinates the series of tools used to perform quick and accurate tyre changes. 

Choose John Bean’s professional tyre changers to manage the changing of the tyres of any vehicle autonomously: cars, vans,buses, trucks, agricultural vehicles and even earth-moving machines.

Our catalogue features super-automatic, semi-automatic or manual changers for bikes and cars, for inner tube or tubeless tyres as well as for wheels with a diameter of between 14in and 58in and for sports alloy rims.

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Single Speed Tyre Changer With Assist Arm

Get going with tyre changing and open yourself up to more of your customers’ needs with the T5305 tyre changer from John Bean.

Two Speed Tyre Changer With Invertor Technology And Assist Arm

Boost your productivity and benefit from automatic turntable speed control depending on the task in hand with the T5325 tyre changer from John Bean.

Two Speed Tyre Changer With Inverter Technology And Assist Arm

Deal with larger and ultra-high performance tyres while taking advantage of turntable speed control with the John Bean T5545 tyre changer.