Wheel Balancers

Balance your customers’ wheels quickly and accurately with the range of wheel balancers from John Bean.

Tyres and wheels are the components of a vehicle subjected to the most stress.

It is therefore important that they have road grip on all kinds of road surfaces and in all weather conditions in addition to being long-lasting and hard-wearing.

To obtain all this, it is essential to check wheel balance whenever tyres are changed. 

John Bean’s professional wheel balancers for tyre dealers, shops and garages assist you when changing the tyres on all kinds of vehicles - from sports cars to heavy-duty trucks.

They quickly restore a uniform tyre rotation at any speed eliminating steering wheel vibrations which, in addition to being annoying, can damage the mechanics and favour an uneven wear of the tyre tread. 

You will be surprised by how all our balancers are easy to use, safe and quick not to mention the fact that they are all designed to be extremely long-lasting.

As for diagnostics, they are equipped with state-of-the-art devices, 3D laser cameras and touchscreen monitors.

They guarantee a high productivity and accurate balancing even when processing considerable tyre quantities. 

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Digital Wheel Balancer

Get started in tyre and wheel servicing with the B100 digital wheel balancer from John Bean and give your customers accurate and neat results.

Video Wheel Balancer

See how patented technology and video display operation from the John Bean B200 wheel balancer will help you help your customers.

Touchscreen Wheel Balancer With Smart Sonar And Laser

Add Smart Sonar and a pinpoint laser for faster data input and more accurate weight positioning with the touchscreen-operated John Bean B340L wheel balancer.

Touchscreen Wheel Balancer With Smart Sonar, Laser Indicator And Power Clamping

Make the whole process even easier with power clamping alongside sonar input and pinpoint accuracy of weight placement with the John Bean B600P wheel balancer.