Brake Tester

Class I, II, III, IV, VL, VII

Brake Tester

Class I, II, III, IV, VL, VII


Get fast and accurate results for a wide range of vehicles, and a 10-year roller warranty, with the John Bean brake tester.

The testers now use a solid state motor control system and are available on a standalone basis or integrated as part of the geogas 6000 link to give an optional brake tester addition to the gas analyser unit.

There are two chassis options available:

The 700mm rollers have a drive-over vehicle capacity of up to 4000kg (800Kgf brake force) and can be used for MOT class I, II, III, and IV testing.

The 1000mm rollers have a drive-over vehicle capacity up to 6000KG (1250Kgf brake force) and can be used for MOT class I, II, III, IV, VL and VII testing (class I and II require optional adaptor plate).

The chassis are built from fully galvanised steel for long life and have roller covers as standard. Roller covers are locked for easy exiting.

The dimpled roller surface is designed to offer protection to tyres while giving a coefficient similar to the road surface, allowing for accurate and repeatable results wet or dry.

A ten-year warranty is also included with the roller brake surface.

The graphical user interface is designed for ease of use and simulates the better known meter displays from the older analogue units while including all the benefits of modern technology and the latest automated test lane procedures and manual brake testing functions.

The weighing system allows weighing by wheel (standard on ATL, optional on non-ATL) as well as the auto sensing 4×4 option as standard.

John Bean brake testers are supplied with a monitor, laser printer and database for saving test results as standard.

Once the brake test is completed the results can be reviewed in the following ways:

  • On the display with highlighting of any errors in red
  • Printed also recording reason for failure if applicable
  • You can store the results into the database for recalling at a later date


  • Motorcycle (class I and II) software package and cover plate
  • Remote control
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  Class IV Class VII
Maximum Axle Weight 4000kg 6000kg
Roller Co-efficient Dry-Wet 0.9 - 0.7/0.7 - 0.5 0.9 - 0.7/0.7 - 0.5
Operating Temperature 0˚C - 70˚C 0˚C - 70˚C
Principle Of Measurement DMS DMS
Processing Of Measured Value Microprocessor Microprocessor
Power Supply    
Voltage 3N - PE - 400v 3N - PE - 400v
Frequency 50Hz 50Hz
Fuse Rating C TYPE 32 32
Motor Power 2 x 3.7kw 2 x 3.7kw
Main Lead Diameter 5 x 4mm 5 x 4mm
Roller Frame    
Roller Diameter 204mm 204mm
Roller Length 700mm 1000mm
Roller Displaced In Height 25mm 25mm
Idle Running Speed 5.2kmh 2.6kmh


*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.