geogas 5000

Emissions Analyser

geogas 5000

Emissions Analyser


The John Bean geogas 5000 diagnostic gas analyser and emissions platform has been developed with the modern workshop in mind.

This multifunctional product means you can also integrate your brake tester or add the John Bean Prism wheel alignment system, saving you money, space and providing you with an additional revenue stream.


  • Fast warm-up: The geogas 5000 is ready for action in a matter of seconds
  • User friendly interface: The unit is operated through a simple, icon-based system which requires no special training
  • Remote control functionality: A remote mouse is provided so that you can even operate the programme while sitting in the car or walking around the bay
  • Accessibility: Access the filters easily at an appropriate working height for ergonomic benefit
  • DVSA website link: Route straight through to the DVSA website via the geogas 5000 platform
  • Service and support: Receive faster query resolution from the Snap-on team with remote access functionality
  • Unique water trap feature: Ensures that any moisture which may get into the system or through the exhaust probe will not affect operation, meaning the geogas 5000 has an unlimited water handling capacity

Other specification highlights include:

  • Large 27in LCD monitor
  • Wireless laser A4 printer
  • Top spec branded PC
  • Keyboard and mouse
  • Internet connectivity as standard (customer broadband connection required)
  • Wireless smoke meter (approved for category A&B testing)
  • Wireless RPM and oil temperature measurement device with ripple\battery measurement function
  • Wireless EOBD RPM and oil temperature trigger device

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Operating Temperature 5°C to 40°C
Control Cabinet  
Height (Including Monitor) 1570mm
Width 620mm
Depth 580mm
Weight 90kg
Power Supply  
Voltage 115/230v
Current 7.5/6A
Frequency 47-63Hz
Gas Measurements Range
O2 0 - 25% vol.
CO 0-15% vol.
CO2 0-20% vol.
HC 0 - 10000 ppm vol. Prop.
RPM 0rpm to 9999rpm
°C 0°C to 120°C
Lambda (l) 0 - 9.99
AFR 5.00 to 50.00 (calculated)


*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.