Wireless Smoke Meter

DSS 10

Wireless Smoke Meter

DSS 10


John Bean’s DSS 10 diagnostic wireless smoke meter is a part of the geogas range of DVSA-approved emissions testers.

The wireless DSS 10 provides fast and accurate testing of diesel emissions for test procedures.

It has an automatic standby mode which is activated if the unit is left out of the charger and is not in use, helping to preserve the battery power.

When the unit is put back on the charging station the wireless smoke meter is constantly warmed up and instantly ready for use.

Using a powerful, industry-standard PC, the John Bean emissions platform is expandable to allow the addition of other hardware and software options, transforming the wireless DSS 10 into a diagnostic information centre for the modern workshop.


  • Wireless operation with extensive operating range
  • Meets and exceeds all current DVSA-specifications
  • Fast autocal, no seven-day calibration required
  • Fast pass software included
  • Smart technology ensures quick operation every time
  • Approved for category A and B including RPC test
  • Long-life and fast-charge battery
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Dimensions 190 x 123 x 145mm
Weight 4.1kg
Battery Charger 115 / 230V ~ 50 / 60Hz (+15% / -10%)
Low Voltage Power Supply 9.6v Ni-MH battery
Data Connection Wi-Fi
Smoke density range (m-1) 0 – 9.99m-1
Resolution (m-1) 0.01m-1
Smoke density range (%) 0 - 100%
Resolution (%) 0.1%
Accuracy < 1.5%
Operating Temperature 5°C – 40°C


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