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Is your garage ready for the forthcoming petrol and diesel MOT emissions updates from the DVSA?

As of 20 May your emissions analyser must be updated so that it includes the required specifications for Euro 6 standards.

With this in mind, the John Bean geogas 5000 emissions analyser – which includes the wireless DSS 10 petrol and diesel smoke meter – is now supplied with the updates included as standard.

This means that workshops buying a new John Bean analyser can do so safe in the knowledge that their purchase will have everything they require to get them ready for the new regulations coming into force.

Existing geogas 5000 units already in operation need a software update in order to carry the new specifications so Snap-on is supporting those customers by helping them through the process with step-by-step instructions and further telephone assistance if required.

The John Bean geogas 5000 emissions analyser is a multi-functional product designed with the modern workshop in mind.

Remote functionality allows for flexible operation from within and around the vehicle while the geogas 5000’s central workstation can be used for accessing the DVSA’s online MOT portal directly.

Outside of testing, the geogas 5000 can be upgraded to carry out computerised wheel alignment with the John Bean Prism wheel aligner – saving money and space and providing workshops with an additional revenue stream.

Read more about the John Bean geogas 5000 emissions analyser or call 01553 697233 for further information.

12/04/2021 in Products