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Time is money when it comes to businesses in the modern age and that especially applies to vehicle workshops, so it’s important that the right equipment is in place to allow work to be carried out efficiently and profitably.

In the world of MOT testing that’s very much the case with garages wanting their bays to offer the best level of service to customers while also providing ease of operation and value for money.

Increasingly popular these days are Automated Test Lanes (ATLs) which allow for fast and efficient testing using just one technician rather than the two required in a standard MOT bay, freeing up the second person to work on other jobs and allowing the garage to get through more work in the same amount of time.

The ATL is a complete solution including a vehicle lift, emissions analyser, brake tester, headlight beam tester, jacking beam and play detectors.

John Bean MOT - Tablet-driven ATL_0.png

The latest version from John Bean goes even further with the introduction of rear slip plates and a tablet computer – making the whole system wirelessly-operated and even easier for just one person to work with.

The tablet allows the technician to view live readings and connect to DVSA’s web-based system so individual results can be entered immediately – all without having to leave the vehicle.

It also drives the brake and emissions tests and provides the user with instant access to the pass/fail guidelines.

How easy is it to use an automated test lane?

Minimal training is required for a technician to carry out an MOT test using the tablet-driven ATL thanks to the familiar Windows-based software it uses while tests can be performed either manually or in fully automatic mode.

After the test is completed the tablet can be used to send results wirelessly to a printer anywhere in the building, and it can also store individual customer vehicle details, data and test results for easy recall in the future.

The other added benefit of the John Bean ATL is that when it is not being used for testing it can instead be used for wheel alignment work – another revenue opportunity.

Because it comes equipped with play detectors, the addition of a separate wheel aligner means that alignment checks and repairs can be carried out and the lift can be constantly making you money.

Take a look at the John Bean automated test lane to learn more.

04/27/2022 in Products