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The latest addition to the range of John Bean vehicle lifts provides MOT stations with an efficient and cost-effective way to modernise their equipment.

The new SSL 6350 scissor lift can be installed into current MOT bay recesses to replace older four-post lifts – and requires no additional groundworks*, meaning workshops can be quickly using it for testing and generating revenue rather than having a few days of downtime while everything is set up.

And the inclusion of shaker plates gives the SSL 6350 the functionality to be operated by just one person during a test, freeing up another technician to take on more jobs and be more productive.

There are thousands of two-person test lanes in operation but this new lift allows the owners to upgrade to help grow their businesses.

The SSL 6350 has been in development for three years and lets businesses update their equipment quickly.

They don’t want to have their test lanes out of action for any length of time while new equipment is installed as that will mean less revenue coming in.

Because the new lift can be fitted into existing recesses without needing any extra groundwork, the installation process is faster and means the lift can be in operation and earning money sooner. 


And by upgrading to a one-person test lane, businesses will be able to operate more efficiently and deal with more work due to not needing two people for the test process.

Which business types will benefit from the one person test lane scissor lift?

Ideal also for new MOT sites with limited space, the SSL 6350 has a lifting capacity of 3500kg and meets the DVSA requirements for testing of Class IV vehicles.

It includes a DVSA-approved play detector with wireless control, while additional safety measures are provided by the locking ladder and six hydraulic rams.

The SSL 6350 is a perfect solution for current MOT stations wanting to bring their equipment right up to date while minimising disruption to their businesses.

Learn more about the new one-person testing car scissor lift from John Bean.

* Some exceptions may apply.

04/27/2022 in Press release