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The John Bean geogas 5000 is a state-of-the-art system that gives today’s modern workshop everything required for petrol and diesel emissions testing.

The geogas 5000’s software helps make carrying out tests and getting results a simple process, aided by step-by-step instructions and guides displayed on the large screen and also the tablet if that option is chosen.

For example, to get started with a petrol MOT test (BET), from the geogas 5000’s home screen select the MOT menu, click on the Petrol option and then New Test, then enter the vehicle selection details as instructed.

John Bean MOT - geogas 5000.png


Follow the on-screen prompts to connect the ROTI engine speed measurement device to the vehicle by plugging in the device’s battery connector and then, with the engine running, connecting it to the vehicle’s battery terminal.

At the next screen, enter the vehicle’s registration number then press Continue, and the geogas 5000 displays the test limits – showing what the acceptable figures are for a positive result.

Follow the guidance to confirm that the vehicle’s engine temperature is high enough for testing and that the RPM measurement is correct then, if required, allow the geogas 5000’s gas module to finish self-calibration.

Position the probe and produce petrol test results

Once that is done, insert the sample probe firmly into the exhaust then raise the engine speed to the required fast idle speed and follow the on-screen prompts in order to manage the required engine speeds for the various individual tests that are carried out.

The overall test is now completed so remove the ROTI device from the engine and withdraw the probe from the exhaust.

The geogas 5000 will now display and print the results automatically with pass outcomes shown in green and failures recorded in red, for fast assessment of the outcome.

See more details about the geogas 5000.

04/27/2022 in Products