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Wheel alignment is a huge market in the United Kingdom for many reasons – not least the state of our roads and the misalignment caused by potholes.

But how can you justify charging a customer for wheel alignment? John Bean’s 3D alignment units not only carry out the work, they also help you sell the benefits of that work to the customer.

For example, the alignment readings can be displayed on an additional screen away from the workshop, such as in the reception area, which can then be used to show the customer the corrections that need to be made.

Physically showing a customer what is wrong is a really powerful tool especially when you can also explain the problems caused by misalignment and the benefits of having the alignment corrected.

Improper wheel alignment increases a vehicle’s fuel consumption and also increases tyre wear, subsequently reducing safety on the road.

A full four-wheel alignment reading can be gathered in minutes so if you’re already working on a vehicle, it is a swift process to run an alignment check – at no cost to your customer – then show them the results.

Because four-wheel alignment measures data from at least 12 angles and checks that against the information supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, a customer can be assured that it is a far more accurate method of correcting their vehicle than the older two-wheel alignment systems, often known as ‘tracking’.

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Why is 3D four-wheel alignment so accurate?

The 3D four-wheel systems take into account wheel rim run-out compensation, giving increased accuracy to the readings, and they also allow toe adjustments of individual wheels to ensure that the steering wheel is set straight, while alterations to other elements such as camber and caster can really add to the service and results a customer will experience.

In the United Kingdom some 29 million MOT tests take place each year, with a 39 per cent failure rate, and 24 per cent of those failures are down to tyre-related issues such as suspension and steering.

That leaves seven million cars needing a repair and then an alignment check – so even at £35 a time there is plenty of money to be found in wheel alignment.

See the range of John Bean wheel aligners for full details.

04/27/2022 in Products