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The V2400 wheel aligner from John Bean provides garages and bodyshops with the tools to get advanced readings and diagnosis information – fast.

As well as accurate and user-friendly wheel alignment features, among the many other innovations the V2400 possesses is the ability to generate cross-diagonal vehicle measurements, which can save you time and avoid unnecessary checks with a chassis measuring system.

Then there are caster, toe-out on turns, maximum turning angle and Pro Ackerman Angle, all of which help you to establish if steering components on the vehicle you are testing are damaged.

John Bean Wheel Aligner - V2400.png

By using the steering axis inclination, included angle and camber measurements, you can quickly establish bent or damaged suspension parts to help ensure that you order and replace the correct components.

If a customer comes to you complaining of steering and handling problems, it can be challenging to see with the naked eye whether components are damaged but the data provided by the V2400s features helps you get to the bottom of the issue.

When it comes to aligning wheels, the V2400 has an extensive vehicle specifications database to give you even more confidence that the results you get from the real-time measurements provided by patented imaging technology, including high-resolution cameras and the industry’s most advanced XD targets, are the ones you want for your customers.

How a printed wheel alignment report can help you

After running an alignment check you can use the monitor to show your customer whether the vehicle’s wheels are aligned or not, and if work is necessary you can explain to them the benefits of having the adjustments done.

If any adjustments are made, complete you can print out a before-and-after report for the customer to demonstrate their vehicle’s status.

John Bean V2400 wheel alignment report.jpg

So the V2400 brings a whole lot more to your business than just its unmatched accuracy when it comes to wheel alignment – and all with the speed and efficiency to save you time and money.

Learn more about the V2400.

04/26/2022 in Products