PLA 25.1

Headlight Adjusting Device

PLA 25.1

Headlight Adjusting Device


Electronic headlight adjusting device with imaging technology for aiming and testing of all car headlight systems

  • Compact digital headlight aiming system both for aiming and testing of headlights using latest image processing technology

  • Manual positioning on floor-mount rails. 
    A no-rail version on rubber wheels is also available

  • A counter-weight in the positioner stand allows an easy vertical movement of the optical system

  • The stability of the headlight tester is guaranteed by a special design of the column

  • Rotating positioner stand for manual alignment of the system with respect to the longitudinal axis of the car

  • Large Fresnel lens

  • Setting of a wide variety of parameters, such as inclination, tolerances, etc. through user-friendly menu structure

  • Intelligent camera for recording and digitalising the headlight image

  • Operation panel with 7” colour touch LCD screen with easy to understand icons. Indication of the cut-off line position. Programmable aiming/audit parameters

  • Unique position check system for the correct centring of the PLA 25.1 in front of the headlight

  • Algorithms for aiming/testing of ECE, SAE and Japanese headlights (low beams, high beams and fog beams) of all types: xenon, halogen, bi-elliptical, LED, Matrix, etc. For LHD and RHD vehicles

  • Operational on continuous power supply and rechargeable battery (± 9 hr. of continuous use)

  • WIFI, USB, Bluetooth, RS232 interface for transfer of the results to a PC

  • Remote control through VNC

  • Configurations:

    • PLA 25.1 DR:
      Headlight tester, for use on double rails that can be levelled – meant to be poured into concrete floor
      Set of rails 3 meters length, adjustable for levelling every 0.4 m, civil works required
    • PLA 25.1 NR:
      Headlight tester on rubber wheels with special carriage for manoeuvrability – no rails possible. 
      System includes an electronic spirit level
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Measuring range highest stand (mm/m) 0 - 800 / 10
Measuring range lowest stand (mm/m) 0 - 800 / 10
Measuring range left (mm/m) 1 - 1000 / 10
Measuring range right (mm/m) 1 - 1000 / 10
Light intensity (kcd) 0 - 125
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm) 665 x 670 x 1805
Weight (kg) 50