Two Speed Tyre Changer With Invertor Technology And Assist Arm


Two Speed Tyre Changer With Invertor Technology And Assist Arm


Boost your productivity and benefit from automatic turntable speed control depending on the task in hand with the T5325 tyre changer from John Bean.

The T5325 is designed for all workshop types, for handling standard manufacturer and ultra-high performance tyres.

High productivity speed comes via the built-in PROspeed inverter technology, which automatically controls the speed of the turntable dependant on the torque needed when mounting or demounting the tyre.

A large 22-inch outer clamping range gives plenty of flexibility for dealing with tyres of different sizes.

Pair up the T5325 tyre changer with the John Bean B200 wheel balancer to create a tyre and wheel service equipment package for your workshop.

* Please note that this image is shown with the optional Plus Kit. The Plus Kit does not come as standard with the T5325.

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  • Pneumatic tilting column: Move the tilting column backwards easily so you are free to access the tyre
  • Assist arm: Mount and demount tyres with ease using the drop centre & rim centre pressing tools
  • Two pneumatic cylinders: Get a 30-40% increase in clamp force compared to single cylinder designs
  • Mount/demount function: The steel head and plastic inserts protect the wheel rim when mounting and demounting tyres
  • PROspeed: Automatically select the best speed for the operation being performed giving you a more controlled operation
  • Built in tool box, tyre inflator and standard gauge: Provides ease of use and ergonomic benefits
  • Wheel clamps: Total clamping up to 28in (with additional adaptors; 22in as standard)

Optional Plus Kit:

  • Plastic bead breaker disc
  • Triangular bead pusher
  • Plastic protector for bead breaker blade
  • Spacers for bead breaker blade
  • Tyre lever
  • Smart bead spacer tail
  • Plastic tyre protector

Watch our video to find out more about PROspeed:

John Bean Tyre Changers - PROSpeed_thumb.jpg

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Electric Supply 230v 1ph, 50Hz, 16A
Air Supply 8-12 bar
Dimensions (WxDxH, mm) 1300 x 1700 x 1850
Noise <70 dba
Maximum Rim Width 13in
Maximum Wheel and Tyre Diameter 39.5in
Bead Breaker Range 1.6in-15.4in
Bead Breaker Force 1200Kgf (2600lbf-ft)
Rotation Speed 7-18rpm controlled via PROspeed
Max Table Torque 885lbf-ft


*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

M/D tool technology
Tower technology
Clamping System
Tool vertical positioning
Jaw type
Clamping range
Outside clamping range
Inside clamping range
Max wheel width mm
Max wheel width inch
Max. Wheel diametre mm
Wheel diameter inch
Breaking force
Breaking force
Rotation speed
Speed control
Max. torque
Max. torque
Bead seating- Top-side inflation
Easymont pro
Wheel lift
Power supply
Power supply (Amperage) A
Installed motor power
Dimensions LxWxH
Dimensions LxWxH