3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology


3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology


Get full four-wheel alignment readings in minutes with the John Bean V2200 wheel aligner, which provides high-end performance without a high-end price tag.

The V2200 allows you to offer advanced alignment services to your customers without needing specialised wheel alignment technicians.

Offering the latest technology found on more high-end systems, the V2200 features a new, highly accurate camera system and smaller, lighter XD targets as well as clamps that attach securely to the wheel for more precise results.

But what makes the V2200 really special is its simple, intuitive interface, easy-to-use Pro 42 software with more than 25 years of manufacturers’ specifications and customisable options – helping you generate a full four-wheel alignment reading in minutes.

See a full breakdown of the V2200's measurement and adjustment options.

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  • Motorised camera boom: Camera height adjustment is motorised providing ergonomic and time saving advantages
  • VODI (Vehicle Orientation Directional Indicators): If the monitor is out of sight when making adjustments, VODI provides a secondary visual allowing you to complete a job without stopping
  • Elevated adjustment: Make live adjustment of suspension components when in an elevated position, giving you more functionality
  • Alignment report: Print before and after colour reports for your customers, helping you communicate the benefits of wheel alignment simply and clearly
  • EZ Toe: Turn the front wheels and access difficult adjustment points while still displaying centred toe readings
  • Adjustment modes: Access to a wide range of adjustment modes, including A-arm and cradle adjustment
  • Measurement features: Choose from various measurement options including, toe, camber, caster, maximum steering angle, and toe curve measurements
  • Extensive database: Our comprehensive coverage of vehicle specifications and adjustment procedures provides comfort that you’ll be able to meet your customer’s request
  • Wheel clamps: Universal wheel clamping up to 26in (with additional adaptors)

Learn more about the capabilities of the John Bean V2200 wheel aligner:

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Clamping Range 11in-22in
Wheel Base 2000mm-4570mm
Display 22in TFT
Communication Optical
Measuring System 3D
Power Supply 230VAC 1ph 50/60Hz


*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

Clamping range
Tyre diameter range
Tyre diameter range
Power supply
Track width
Track width
Wheel base
Wheel base