3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology


3D Car Wheel Aligner with XD Technology


If you’re a wheel alignment specialist, high-volume alignment garage or dealer, the advanced features of the John Bean V2400 aligner will help you each day. 

The V2400 combines unmatched accuracy and user-friendly features with a conventional imaging aligner design.

And its extensive vehicle specifications database instils even more confidence and assures the job is done right the first time.

Patented imaging technology, including high-resolution cameras and the industry's most advanced XD targets, provide accurate, real-time measurements.

If you specialise in alignments, the V2400 is worth special consideration.

High-volume wheel alignment garages and dealerships will benefit from the V2400's advanced features, which in turn help advance business.

See a full breakdown of the V2400's measurement and adjustment options.

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  • Accurate and repeatable measurements
  • Small and lightweight single-plane targets (XD)
  • Universal wheel clamps with rim clamping range 11" - 22"
  • Productivity-enhancing software Pro42 Platinum: a high-resolution icon-based software program designed to provide simple and effective use of information required by the technician
  • Measurement of toe, camber, caster, maximum steering angle, rolling radius and cross diagonal
  • ProAckermann, graphical caster trail, scrub radius and SAI
  • A-arm and cradle adjust
  • EZ Toe for easy and convenient adjustment at maximum steering angle
  • EZ Access for measurement with demounted wheels
  • Quick alignment check with audit print-out
  • Moveable camera beam (lift) with two high-resolution XD cameras
  • 22“ flat-screen monitor
  • High-end control terminal with printer drawer and embedded PC
  • Optional Target Imaging Pointer for ride height measurement

Learn more about the capabilities of the John Bean V2400 wheel aligner:

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Clamping Range 11in-22in
Wheel Base 2007mm-4572mm
Display 22in TFT
Communication Optical
Measuring System 3D
Power Supply 230VAC 1ph 50/60Hz


*Snap-on reserves the right to make changes to specifications without notice and without making changes retroactively.

Clamping range
Tyre diameter range
Tyre diameter range
Power supply
Track width
Track width
Wheel base
Wheel base