The John Bean car lifts have a rugged capacity of 12,000 lb for the scissor alignment models while the four-post lifts reach 14,000 lb. Hydraulic equalization and full support rear member enable repeatable smooth-level lifting. The extendible approach ramps provide a staged rise for easy loading of lowered vehicles. Whether operating with a micro car or a heavy-duty truck, the 14k four-post alignment lift has four-wheel alignment capabilities that meet the requirements of a full range of vehicles.

Any John Bean lifting equipment is easy to operate, provides improved accessibility to the calibration area and is easy to load. Our four-post hydraulic car ramps feature a Triple Safety System, with safety locks, auto engaging mechanical drop locks and speed fuses on all hydraulically operated components. The scissor alignment lifts have flow sensing valves within the hydraulic control circuit and a redundant hydraulic safety system with cross-aligned hydraulic circuits.

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