The John Bean® 12k scissor alignment lift is a rugged 12,000 lb capacity lift with an open front design that provides easy access to alignment service and calibration areas. The "Pro-Style" 24" wide runways provide easy drive-on for large vehicles. Hydraulic equalization and full support rear member deliver repeatable smooth level lifting. Flush mount rear slip plates with heavy duty encapsulated bearings help support and offer smooth movement to ease rear alignment adjustments. The extendable approach ramps provide a staged rise for ease of loading lowered vehicles. The retractable feature allows installation for short bay requirements, saving space when not in use.

  • Utilizes less space than conventional four-post lifts

  • Lifts straight up with no for or aft movement.

    • Compact console design, enclosed to protect electrical and hydraulic pump components and controls.

  • Quad counterpoised lifting system with four heavy-duty cylinders to maintain a constant level from floor to full lift height with reinforcing rear-mounted cross member.

  • Dual engaging twin interlocking serriform mechanical safety racks with a pneumatic release.

  • Reinforced 24" wide "Pro-Style" runways accommodate a wide vehicle range.

  • Open front design provides easy access to alignment service and calibration areas of vehicles.

  • Gliding bearings are captured, providing durable and smooth lift operation.

  • Approach ramps expand to 87", easing loading of lower profile vehicles. Approach ramps can be retracted to 35" in order save space when not in use.

  • Flush mounted rear slip plates include heavy-duty encapsulated bearings to ease rear alignment adjustments.

  • Adjustable turnplate pocket depth ensures level positioning of turnplates

  • Validated by an Independent Third Party to the ANSI/ALI automotive lift standard, ANSI/ALI ALCTV:2011.

  • EELR525A - Flush Mount 
    EELR501A -  Surface Mount

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Capacity 12000 lbs
Lifting times 95 s
Lowering times 45 s
Lifting height 70 inch
Motor Hp
Net weight 6615 lbs
Width Between Runways 40" inch
4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase 89" to 158" inch
2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase Up to 165" inch
Console Dimensions DxWxH 16.5" x 14.125" x 45.75" inch
Air Supply Requirements 90 - 140 PSI @ 5 - 10 CFM Psi
Front Accessibility open
Overall Length 242" - 294" inch
Service Wheelbase 179" inch
Overall Width 90" inch
Lifting Speed 95 s
Runway Width 24" inch