JCL4P9W 9k 4-post


JCL4P9W 9k 4-post



John Bean™ 9,000 lbs. capacity 4-post garage lifts were designed with versatility in mind. From home enthusiasts and commercial storage applications to light-duty general service applications, these lifts complement your service needs and are loaded with real benefits. It is essential for the “do it yourself” home garage, providing the best of both worlds — store a vehicle up top and below with up to 80” of clearance when the lift is fully raised, or use this lift to service your vehicles. 

  • Storage/Light Duty Service Lift
    Bolt it down or leave it free-standing to relocate it anywhere. Multiple height, length, and width models are available to provide unlimited options for the DIY enthusiast. With optional rolling jacks, ramp upgrades, oil drain pans, and other accessories, you’ll be able to accommodate just about anything that comes in your garage and afford room to grow with its reasonable cost. Available in black only.

  • Storage Application
    It’s the best of both worlds. Service your vehicles or store them up top. With as much as 80” in rise height, most full size vehicles are easily parked underneath for everyday use. Optional drip tray set completes the storage application, keeping any fluids from contacting the vehicle underneath.

  • Service Application
    Professional grade quality with multiple lock positions is perfect for light-duty service up to 9,000 lbs. capacity. Optional rolling jacks and jack trays provide quick tire and brake work access.

  • A Step Above
    →Larger cables meet the 5:1 safety standard required for ALI certification
    →Adjustable lock ladder ensures that runways are level when they are locked in a garage with normal slope
    →Commercial-grade formed runways ensure a strong, stable unit
    →Single-point manual lock system on front and rear cross beam comes pre-installed from the factory 
    →Air not required for operation

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JCL4P9W 9k 4-post
File size : 5,254.78 Kb


Capacity 4.082 Kg
Capacity 9000 lbs
Lifting times s
Lowering times s
Lifting height inch
Lifting height mm
Maximum pad height from floor mm
Maximum pad height from floor inch
Drive-through width inch
Drive-through width mm
Motor Hp
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Distance between columns mm
Distance between columns inch
Short arm extraction mm
Short arm extraction inch
Long arm extraction mm
Long arm extraction inch
Minimum ceiling height mm
Minimum ceiling height inch
Minimum concrete thickness mm
Minimum concrete thickness inch
Width Between Runways inch
4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase inch
2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase inch
Console Dimensions DxWxH inch
Air Supply Requirements Psi
Front Accessibility
Overall Length inch
Service Wheelbase inch
Overall Width inch
Column Height inch
Column Width inch
Column Depth inch
Height of Lifting Fork inch
Length of Fork inch
Lifting Capacity Per Column lbs
Lifting Speed s
Load Capacity Per Set of Four Columns lbs
Load Capacity Per Set of Six Columns lbs
Lowered Wheel Fork Height inch
Lowering Speed s
Runway Width inch
Weight per Column lbs
Width of Lifting Fork inch