JSA10 10k 2-post


JSA10 10k 2-post



John Bean™ JSA10 10k 2-post lift features the ability to be configured in either a symmetric or an asymmetric position to suit the service requirements of your shop. It features 3-stage front arms for maximum extension and retraction, ensuring safe and reliable lifting on all vehicles within rated capacity. With adjustable height and width options, double telescoping screw pads, durable powder coat finish, plated arm restraints and pins, and many other appealing features, the JSA10 will accommodate the rigorous demands of a full-service facility. Available in red and blue.

  • 10,000 lbs. lift capacity

  • 3-stage front arms provide greater sweep for versatility and ease of spotting

  • Can be installed in either symmetric or asymmetric position, depending on your service needs

  • Premium double telescoping screw pads adjust to multiple heights minimizing the need for adapters

  • Adjustable heights and widths provide versatility at installation for service facilities with special constraints

  • Single-point mechanical lock release system allows technician to disengage both columns simultaneously

  • Padded overhead shut off system prevents vehicle damage

  • Powder coat finish provides long-lasting durability

  • Plated arm restraints and arm pins inhibit rust and provide long-lasting durability

  • Standard dual integrated rubber door guards help protect vehicle panels from inadvertent damage

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jsa10 10k 2-post
File size : 3,002.28 Kb


Capacity 4.536 Kg
Capacity 10000 lbs
Lifting times s
Lowering times s
Lifting height inch
Lifting height mm
Maximum pad height from floor mm
Maximum pad height from floor inch
Drive-through width inch
Drive-through width mm
Motor Hp
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Distance between columns mm
Distance between columns inch
Short arm extraction mm
Short arm extraction inch
Long arm extraction mm
Long arm extraction inch
Minimum ceiling height mm
Minimum ceiling height inch
Minimum concrete thickness mm
Minimum concrete thickness inch
Width Between Runways inch
4 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase inch
2 Wheel Alignment Wheelbase inch
Console Dimensions DxWxH inch
Air Supply Requirements Psi
Front Accessibility
Overall Length inch
Service Wheelbase inch
Overall Width inch
Column Height inch
Column Width inch
Column Depth inch
Height of Lifting Fork inch
Length of Fork inch
Lifting Capacity Per Column lbs
Lifting Speed 43 s
Load Capacity Per Set of Four Columns lbs
Load Capacity Per Set of Six Columns lbs
Lowered Wheel Fork Height inch
Lowering Speed s
Runway Width inch
Weight per Column lbs
Width of Lifting Fork inch