Audit Aligner

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Audit Aligner

Product range
High Volume


The Alignment Audit System is the ideal system to be installed right at the reception area of the workshop. It performs a complete analysis of the vehicle alignment condition in less than a minutes and provide an easy-to-read report of both the alignment measurements. and the need for the adjustments that are required, as well as the diagnosis of the dimensional integrity of the body by measuring the distances between the axles of the vehicle.

The audit procedure is very fast and simple in just 6 steps; the vehicle is driven to the audit area, identifies the vehicle, mounts the reflective screens on the wheels, moves the vehicle a few centimeters, removes the reflective screens and finally prints the results. All that, ready in less than two minutes.

With a wireless, compact design and easy-to-read printouts, the V3450 can potentially increase your alignment revenue by 30% or more. Plus, its mobility and simple operation mean you don't need an alignment technician or a lift to run accurate audits.

  • Wireless technology eliminates connections and facilitates mobility.

  • Quick alignment audit in less than 60 seconds to detect worn suspension components and to prevent premature tyre wear

  • Automatic print-out of alignment measurement report. The measurement report includes:

    • Measurement of track width
    • Front and rear toe
    • Camber
    • Wheelbase
    • Rolling radius
    • Cross diagonal
  • Ideally suited for drive-through solutions

  • Digital XD camera system with ultra-high resolution cameras

  • 2 short towers

  • Operator kiosk with embedded PC, Windows operating software and Pro42 user software

  • Part Number:  EEWA553F

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V3450 Brochure
File size : 805.20 Kb
AC400 Wheel Clamp Brochure
File size : 749.91 Kb


Clamping range -
Tyre diameter range 19" - 39"
Tyre diameter range
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Track width 48" - 96"
Track width 1219 - 2438 mm
Wheel base 2007 - 4572 mm
Wheel base 79" - 180"
Display 24" TFT