VAS 6311A

Diagnostic Car Wheel Balancer with Touch Screen and 3D Camera Technology

VAS 6311A

Diagnostic Car Wheel Balancer with Touch Screen and 3D Camera Technology


The diagnostic wheel balancer for high-end tyre shops, car dealerships and garages, tuning shops and car manufacturers.


  • Measurement of tyre pull effect (tyre conicity)

  • Allocation of wheels to their best possible position on the vehicle in order to avoid tyre pull effect (OptiLine function - optional)

  • Detection of flat spots on the tyre

  • Detection of possible damage to tyre sidewallChecking of bead seat

  • Measurement of radial and lateral run-out of tyre and/or rim

  • Tread depth measurement in 5 different positions and visualisation on screen

  • Tread wear analysis (signalling need for wheel alignment)

  • User-friendly touch screen monitor for visualisation of the diagnostic results in brilliant 3D colour maps

  • Graphical user interface for intuitive user-machine communication and high-productivity diagnostic wheel balancing

  • Print-out of all results in test records, or screenshots via optional printer. Output also to USB memory stick.

  • Documentation of the condition of a set of wheels

  • Patented virtual plane measurement technique

  • Automatic non-contact acquisition of wheel data and balancing mode (weight type and position)

  • Automatic non-contact identification of number and position of spokes for split-weight mode

  • Relocation of weight position via gauge arm with AutoStopSystem and patented adhesive wheel weight clamp

  • Diagnostics of unsmooth ride and optimisation in a single additional step

  • Electro-mechanical clamping device for accurate clamping and centring of the wheel

  • asanetwork capability via optional software client

  • Finish in RAL 7040

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3D imaging diagnostics


The type, size and position of a defect in the tyre are identified, measured and visualised by non-contact 3D imaging technology.



Pinpoint laser identifies exact weight placement location for increased accuracy and efficiency.



Radial run-out diagnosis of the wheel is performed during unbalance measurement, hence without compromising on productivity. High run-out is automatically detected during rim diagnosis, providing match-mounting.

PLATINUM user interface


Highly intuitive and fast touch-screen monitor with large digits, coloured weight position indicators and PLATINUM user interface – improved intuitiveness and ergonomics.

Radial run-out


Peak-to-peak and 1st harmonic graphs of wheel run-out are provided for an easy diagnostic of the issues. Rim run-out and matching information are provided when necessary.

Power Clamp™

Power Clamp™
El dispositivo automático patentado Power ClampTM bloquea la rueda electromecánicamente y de manera precisa con una fuerza constante, reduciendo la posibilidad de repetir pesos. 



Tiempo de ciclo reducido un 30%, inferior a los 4,5 segundos, manteniendo la misma elevada precisión.

Oversize shaft


The 225 mm length allows the use of stud-hole flanges and other accessories for almost every type of rim.

VPM technique


Measurement system for high precision and repeatability.


File size : 8,913.34 Kb


Clamping range 11" - 22"
Tyre diameter range
Tyre diameter range
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Track width 48" - 96"
Track width 1219 - 2438 mm
Wheel base 2007 - 4572 mm
Wheel base 79" - 180"
Display 27" TFT