VAS 741 077

The tyre changer for high volume tyre shops

VAS 741 077

The tyre changer for high volume tyre shops


Tyre Changer for high performance tyre service and high throughput service.

  • powerMONT™ the innovative, fast and easy to use leverless mount/demount system

  • quickLOK™ automatic center post clamping system

  • PROspeed™ the exclusive self-adjustable speed system up to 20 rpm that provides the optimum torque/speed combination to the chuck

  • Optimum bead breaker system: the most performing solution for any tyre’s types:
     - Dynamic bead breaker with two disks, the solution of choice for RFT and UHP tyres. Precise, ergonomic and effortless
     - On floor bead breaker, the fastest solution for tyres with high aspect ratio

  • PBD330, Pneumatic Bead Depressor for convenient demounting of hard sidewall tyres

  • Ergonomic wheel lift integrated

  • High rigidity for a safe handling of high performance tyres

  • Pedal-controlled inflator

  • Mirror to control operation on the lower bead

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Innovative system that makes tire service work easier.


Optimizes torque and maximizes the rotation speed.

Dynamic Bead Breaker

Dynamic Bead Breaker is easy to adjust and provides the best bead breaking procedure for UHP and Run-Flat tires.

Control Panel

Clean and user-friendly controls with color-coded panel for easy identification.

Wheel Lift

Pneumatic wheel lifter - Maximum load 70 kg.


File size : 8,913.34 Kb


M/D tool technology
Tower technology
Clamping System Automatic pilot hole
Tool vertical positioning
Jaw type
Clamping range
Outside clamping range
Inside clamping range
Max wheel width mm
Max wheel width inch
Max. Wheel diametre 1200 mm
Wheel diameter inch
Breaking force
Breaking force
Rotation speed
Speed control
Max. torque
Max. torque
Bead seating- Top-side inflation
Easymont pro
Wheel lift Standard
Capability 70 kg
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Power supply (Amperage) A
Installed motor power
Dimensions LxWxH 1290/1350 x 2240 x 1850 mm
Dimensions LxWxH
Net weight 820 Kg