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John Bean's B2000P Wheel Balancing System is the only automated diagnostic wheel balancing system that offers touchless measurement and analysis.

Featuring the patented Opti-Line™ pull correction, the John Bean® B2000P improves ride performance and rectifies pull problems that cannot be fixed by wheel alignment alone. Containing all of the traditional attributes of a high-quality John Bean® Wheel Balancing system, the B2000P also includes 
laser-based 3D profiling that provides automatic diagnostic analysis.

The automatic data entry removes the chance for error and inaccurate results. When combined with precise wheel balancing, the Runout Force Vectoring (RFV) diagnostics ensure uniformity based total ride quality.

Combine high quality wheel balancing with no-touch diagnostics with John Bean's B2000P Wheel Balancing system and take your shop to the next level of wheel balancing.

06/02/2022 in News