Body news

John Bean's comprehensive wheel alignment specifications have been released and our best coverage is being offered at an even better value.

With the purchase of a one-year subscription* and install/optimization, customers will receive:

  • One year or wheel alignment specification updates
  • Our most advanced alignment system software update
  • An install/optimization:
    •    Comprehensive 20-point alignment system check
    •    System accuracy validation
    •    Lift geometry and turn/slip plate inspection
    •    Installation of your first specification update

John Bean's newest wheel alignment specification release also includes:

  • Worldwide vehicle upgrades
  • Advanced Driver-Assistance System Coverage**
  • The most comprehensive vehicle coverage in the industry
  • All specifications sourced from the original manufacturer for superior accuracy

*Includes all software and specification releases from the date of purchase through September 20, 2019
**Included on V1200, V2100, V2280 and V3300 models

06/23/2022 in News