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As the original innovator in advanced imaging wheel alignment technology, we spend a lot of time speaking to customers and observing their work place. An issue alignment technicians encounter is that, while they follow the alignment procedure perfectly, they sometimes experience "crooked" steering wheels after they perform an alignment. They then perform the alignment again, using the same exact procedure, and the steering wheel ends up perfectly straight. A mystery for the technician, a challenge the John Bean engineering team set out to solve. 

What we found out is often the vehicles suspension and or steering systems are bound up. While many alignment systems call out the need to "jounce" the vehicle, they historically could not tell you if the "jounce" successfully relaxed the suspension. Our analysis showed that, quite simply, that often it wasn't. That's why we invented our patent-pending compensate, warn and alert technology. 

During the roll back, rather than take a couple of measurements, we actually measure the vehicle up to 60 times per second. The system then determines whether the suspension is bound and to what degree. In many cases the system will automatically compensate for the issue with no technician intervention or in severe cases it will alert the technician on what needs to be done. This John Bean innovation provides the assurance of high quality alignments and takes the mystery out of crooked steering wheels.

06/24/2022 in News