Compact Wheel Balancer

General Repair


Compact Wheel Balancer

General Repair


Designed to meet customers looking for a quick cycle balancer that is value priced and combines the accuracy and technology of John Bean® wheel balancers. The B100 compact dimensions suits any shop where space is constrained and services a wide variety of cars, light trucks, and motorcycles. Featuring the patented VPI measuring system, intuitive LED display with clear balance visualization make the B100 a value to any shop that is looking for high value at a reasonable price.

  • Intuitive User Interface - A user-friendly interface where all functions are clearly marked with picture icons.

  • Accurate and Quick Clamping - With the included cones or the optional stud-hole flange accessory, clamping with the included quick nut is fast and easy.

  • Data Entry - The B100 is equipped with semi-automatic data entry for rim diameter and offset.

  • Conspicuous and intuitive LED display.

  • Imbalance minimization and optimization programs.

  • QuickBal for reduced measurement time:
    Short start-stop cycle time: 6.5 seconds (15" rim)

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Gauge arm


Semi-automatic data entry and positioning of adhesive weights.

Oversize shaft


The 225 mm length allows the use of stud-hole flanges and other accessories for almost every type of rim.

Split weight mode


Hides adhesive weights behind two adjacent spokes so they cannot be seen from the outside.



30% reduced cycle time, less than 4.5 seconds, maintaining the same high accuracy.

VPI technique


Measurement system for high precision and repeatability.


B100 Brochure
File size : 763.13 Kb
File size : 5,263.58 Kb


Motorized Yes
Wheel clamping Quick nut
Diameter of shaft 40 mm
Measuring speed < 100 rpm
Balancing accuracy 1 g (0.035 oz)
Balancing accuracy 1 g (0.035 oz)
Angular resolution ± 0,35°
Length of shaft 225 mm
Length of shaft 8.86 inch
Start/Stop balance time - Check spin 6 s
Rim diameter range 8" - 32"
Offset range 1" - 20"
Rim width range 1" - 20"
Max. wheel diameter 960 mm
Max wheel diameter 37.8 inch
Max. wheel weight 70 kg
Max. wheel weight 154 lbs
Input power (VAC) 115V 1Ph 50/60Hz
Dimensions LxWxH 1100 x 1005 x 1711
Dimensions LxWxH 43.3" x 39.6" x 67.4"
Net weight 70 kg
Maximum total assembly diameter inch