One-Stop ADAS Calibration Solution


One-Stop ADAS Calibration Solution


Your one-stop solution for ADAS calibration, Tru-Point™ uses highly accurate advanced camera technology, targets, and top-of-the-line software, to quickly uncover any alignment problems the vehicle might have so you can perform a perfect ADAS calibration.

  • CHECK: 

    • Tru-Point™ uses highly accurate advanced camera technology to create a three-dimensional model of the vehicle and the area around it to provide you with a complete analysis of the vehicle alignment condition in just under a minute.
    • Avoid wasting time and money performing any repair without confirmation that the vehicle is within OEM specification before an ADAS recalibration occurs.


  • PLACE: 

    • Tru-Point™ streamlines the process to quickly help you place the targets in the precise OEM-required location without lasers and tape measures or the need for a level floor, without worrying about any reference value, guidebook, or manual inputs.



    • Designed to grant you total freedom, Tru-Point™ allows you to use any ADAS-capable scan tool to complete the calibration process.
    • For the most robust features and comprehensive, market-leading ADAS coverage, choose Snap-on® diagnostics scan tools to complete the job.
    • Additionally, the system’s support of remote assistance diagnostic tools allows for further expansion of your shop’s calibration capabilities, especially when working on newer model vehicles.


  • PROVE: 

    • An easy-to-read report provides proof that you executed all steps required for a perfect calibration, guaranteeing you are putting a safe vehicle back on the road, as well as increasing your customer satisfaction and confidence in your business.
    • Tru-Point™ validates the alignment of the vehicle, placement of the targets, and compliance with OEM specifications.
    • By using a Snap-on® scan tool, you can also confirm the completion of the calibration process.


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Tru-Point™ Brochure
File size : 2,762.18 Kb


Tire Size (AC400)

19”-39” | 48.3cm – 99.1cm

Dimensions (HxWxD) - Arms Extended

82″x113″x30″ | 208x287x76cm

Dimensions (HxWxD) - Arms Folded

82″x53″x30″ | 208x135x76cm

Shipping Weight

512 lbs. | 232.2 kg

Equipment Weight

376 lbs. | 170.5 kg

Power requirements



24” TFT