V3300 with AC200 Clamps

Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System

Product range
Premium Service

V3300 with AC200 Clamps

Diagnostic Wheel Alignment System

Product range
Premium Service


With a new notification system that provides critical information without slowing you down, the V3300 wheel aligner puts every alignment on the fast track. The groundbreaking user interface provides instant access to critical tasks in an intelligent flow, ensuring vehicle-specific assistance is always just one click away.

  • Part Number:  EEWA552H

  • The V3300 wheel alignment system’s automatic height tracking provides optimum placement of its advanced XD targets and cameras for more speed and more accuracy on every alignment. And since the lightweight, three-camera system folds to a compact size with a low center of gravity, the V3300 takes up less floor space in the shop and can be moved around easily whenever required.

  • The V3300’s advanced XD cameras and sophisticated monitoring algorithms find errors as they’re made. It will detect problems with suspension stress or damage, bent or moving lift components, environmental impacts and more - notifying users only when necessary to save time and ensure accuracy on every alignment.

  • Quick-select language support for procedures and printouts provides rapid changes between commonly used languages

  • All new graphic displays with all screens optimized for maximum visibility and clarity

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AC200 Universal Wheel Clamps


Fast and easy to use. Self-centering design for accurate measurement of the vehicle dimensions. 


V3300 Brochure
File size : 9,828.64 Kb


Clamping range
Wheel diameter range 11" - 22"
Wheel diameter range
Power supply 100-240V 1Ph 50/60Hz
Track width 48" - 96"
Track width
Wheel base
Wheel base 79" - 180"
Display 27" TFT