TL 306-RP

Modular Test Lane Generation for Cars and Light Trucks up to 6 t Drive-Over Load

TL 306-RP

Modular Test Lane Generation for Cars and Light Trucks up to 6 t Drive-Over Load


TL 306-RP is part of our new test lane generation. The new generation includes latest state-of-the-art technology to meet current and future requirements. The traditional differentiation between brake tester and test lane has been abandoned. Thanks to the modular design the equipment is always configured starting from the brake tester and can be customised depending on the customer’s individual requirements.

  • Modular configuration for customised solutions and easy hardware upgrade

  • New user-friendly intuitive graphical user interface in an attractive design

  • Flexible installation owing to wireless connection of RP box to workstation / display kit

  • New software including wizard to facilitate regional installation

  • Connection of additional customer displays / portable controller devices / tablets in addition to workstation

  • Remote diagnosis and software update (with internet connection)


  • Basic module:

    • Brake tester 
      - Compact or split design
      - RP box with integrated electronics
      - 4WD mode
      - Dual direction testing 
      - SmoothGrip or composite rollers 
      - Level rollers 1000 mm long
      - 3.7 kW splash-proof motors


  • Additional modules:

    • Side-slip tester TT 4020


  • Display modules:

    • Workstation 
      32” / 42” virtual-analogue display kit 
      customer PC kit
    • Extended software package for workstation, or basic software package for display kits
    • Extended software package for customer PC (optional)
    • Radio remote control included


  • The use of brake testers is subject to national standards and legal requirements.

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Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Überfahrlast max. (t) 6
Messwertanzeige 0 - 8 kN
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Rollenkoeffizient trocken / nass > 0.7 / > 0.6
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Temperaturbereich (°C) 0 - 40
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Leerlaufgeschwindigkeit (km/h) 5.4
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Rollensatz CPS / SmG
Rollenachsabstand (mm) 400
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Rollendurchmesser (mm) 216
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Rollenlänge (mm) 1000
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Rollenüberhöhung mm
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Raddurchmesser min. - max. (mm) 400 - 900
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Prüfbreite min. (mm) 800
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Prüfbreite max. (mm) 2800
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Länge (mm) 670
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Breite (mm) 2305
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Höhe (mm) 255
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Gewicht (kg) 450
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Elektroanschluss (V/Hz) 400 / 50
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Zuleitung (mm²) 5 x 2.5
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Absicherung, träge (A träge) 3 x 25
Prüfstand/Prüfstraße Motorleistung (kW) 2 x 3.7
Fahrwerktester Testprinzip  
Schnellspurtester Achsgewicht max. (t) 20