Audit Aligner


Audit Aligner


Wireless alignment audit in under sixty seconds

  • Quick alignment audit in less than 60 seconds to detect worn suspension components and to prevent premature tyre wear

  • Bluetooth communication – easy installation and maximum mobility – no cables

  • Measurement of track width, front and rear toe, camber, wheelbase, rolling radius and cross diagonal

  • Automatic print-out of alignment measurement report

  • Ideally suited for drive-through solutions

  • Digital XD camera system with ultra-high resolution cameras

  • 4 AC400 quick wheel clamps and 4 XD targets – very small and lightweight

  • 2 short towers

  • Operator kiosk with embedded PC, Windows operating software and Pro42 user software

  • 22” TFT wide-screen monitor, colour printer

  • Optional mobility kit for use in different alignment bays

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It is a tool that allows equipment to be connected to a garage.
With the asanetwork all relevant information are made available at every workstation in the shop as all machines are connected to the commercial software.



Rim diameter -
Tyre diameter range 19" - 39"
Tyre diameter range
Power supply 230 VAC 1ph 50/60 Hz
Track width 48" - 96"
Track width 1219 - 2438 mm
Wheel base 2007 - 4572 mm
Wheel base 79" - 180"
Display 24" TFT