Discover the Importance of Floor-Leveling Compensation for Precise ADAS Calibrations

The award-winning John Bean® Tru-Point advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) tool includes a unique true-floor level compensation feature for ADAS calibrations. A new video demonstrates how important floor levelness is for accurate results.

“ADAS systems rely on precise measurements and angles to function correctly. Any deviation from the recommended specifications can result in an inaccurate calibration,” said Jordan Krebs, product manager for John Bean. “If the floor is not level, the vehicle’s position and orientation can be affected, resulting in errors in the calibration process. Tru-Point’s cameras automatically calculate target height requirements and inform the user when to adjust the height of the target to be in the perfect field of view of the camera while moving the equipment and target stands around the vehicle.”

Finding a truly leveled floor is difficult and can cost a lot of money. Poor calibration impacts the vehicle’s ability to operate properly, causing liability issues for the shop by potentially exposing drivers to danger. OEM specifications require the placement of the center of the calibration target to be perfectly in line with the center of the vehicle’s camera, and most manufacturers indicate that checking the level of the floor is critical for proper calibration. If floor levelness is not possible, correcting the height of the calibration target is mandatory to compensate for the unlevel floor.

Tru-Point validates the vehicle’s ADAS related alignment values, placement of the ADAS accessories around the vehicle and compliance with OEM specifications. The pointer target is used to map the precise roll and pitch of the floor in 3D space; the sensors on the Tru-Point then can tie the floor, vehicle and itself together in 3D space. This provides a unique view of the vehicle and serves to guarantee accurate placement for each of the vehicle’s ADAS components.

“Floor levelness and advanced image technology in ADAS calibration is important for service providers, because the lack of level compensation can cause the ADAS system to provide incorrect feedback to the driver, potentially leading to unsafe driving conditions,” said Krebs. “Tru-Point compensates for the real world where no floor is perfectly level and vehicles have normal wear.”

A one-stop solution for ADAS calibration, Tru-Point uses highly accurate advanced camera technology, targets and top-of-the-line software to quickly uncover core ADAS-specific vehicle alignment issues, allowing users to perform an accurate ADAS calibration. Tru-Point performs a check of the ADAS-related wheel alignment values and closely monitors each step of the setup procedure, ensuring that OEM safety specifications have been met before an ADAS calibration is performed. To learn more about the John Bean Tru-Point ADAS calibration tool, visit