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Shops looking for a versatile and high-performing alignment lift have found their answer with the new John Bean® 15k Four-Post Open Front Alignment Lift.

“John Bean hydraulic car hoists are designed to let shops manage a wide range of vehicles,” said Neil Davis, product manager for John Bean. “The John Bean 15k four-post lift is equipped with safety devices to protect both the operator and the vehicle while being serviced.” 

Designed for big jobs, the John Bean 15k Four-Post Alignment Lift is extremely sturdy. With open-front columns, ultra-wide 26-inch runways and integrated 100-inch-long rear slip plates, the lift is ready to make light work of heavy-duty, dual-rear-wheel trucks, while also being suited to accommodate standard, four-wheel alignments on passenger vehicles.

Available in two lengths, standard and extended, the lift is certified to the industry's leading ANSI/ALI automotive lift standard. Key features of the John Bean 15k Four-Post Alignment Lift include:

  • Wide rear column clearance — extended rear column drive-on to accommodate dual rear tire vehicles.
  • Pro-style runways — best-in-class, ultra-wide 26-inch runways for wide track width vehicles.
  • Enhanced rear slip plates — extra-long 100-inch rear slip plates for improved 4-wheel alignment capability for long and short wheelbase vehicles.
  • Open front cross beam — easy access to service areas for hassle-free adjustments and repairs.
  • Dimpled ramps — ultra-wide ramps with an anti-slip textured surface.
  • Innovative cable brake lock — cartridge-based locking and cable brake system for ease of maintenance.
  • Adjustable air-hydraulic jack beam — new jack beam design with extended-reach lifting arms, higher lifting stroke and low drive-over height is a standard accessory on the 15k 4-post lift.

Customers can find out more about the John Bean 15k Four-Posit Alignment Lift and other John Bean wheel service products by visiting