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Newly Updated John Bean Website Provides More Robust Information for Customers

Innovative products need a website that reflects the advanced technology of those products. With that in mind, John Bean® has redesigned its website to make it easier to locate more in-depth information so customers can make informed decisions about which of the John Bean wheel service products are best for their shop locations.

“Our main objective in the redesign process was to produce a resource that would be more valuable, user-centric and responsive on all platforms and devices. We concentrated specifically on making the website easier for visitors to understand and find useful information about our solutions,” said Mariana Montovaneli, director of marketing for John Bean. “Before we got started, we asked customers how we could best enhance the John Bean website experience. We have incorporated many of their suggestions for a more robust and thorough site.”

Streamlined for easy navigation, the newly updated website features detailed information about the complete John Bean product line, including ADAS calibration, wheel aligners and balancers, tire changers and lifts. In addition, each product section includes specific information such as technology enhancements, benefits of the products and frequently asked questions (FAQs) to help customers make sure they are purchasing the right product for their specific shop size.

Another notable feature of the new website is a series of videos that demonstrate how each of the products operate and how they improve shop efficiency and productivity. There are more training options for John Bean customers, and the website also makes it easier to locate a John Bean sales representative to answer questions or help with an order.

“The new look and feel of the website match the innovation of John Bean products, and the improved functionality reflects their efficiency and productivity enhancements,” said Montovaneli. “We encourage shop managers to visit the new site to see how John Bean can help grow their businesses.”