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John Bean® Tru-Point™ ADAS Calibration System Receives MOTOR Top 20 Tools Award

The Tru-Point™ ADAS Calibration System by John Bean® has received a 2021 MOTOR Top 20 Tools Award for its innovative features that help automotive technicians properly service today’s technologically advanced vehicles.

“We are truly honored to have been recognized by the readers of MOTOR Magazine as having one of the top products in the aftermarket industry,” said Mariana Montovaneli, director of marketing for John Bean. “Tru-Point™ takes ADAS calibration to the next level. It’s the only all-in-one solution on the market today that allows shops to validate if the vehicle meets the OEM-required alignment specifications, as well as the proper target placement procedures. It also reduces set-up time and increases shop productivity.”

Tru-Point™ performs a check of the ADAS-related wheel alignment values and closely monitors each step of the setup procedure, making sure that the process has been completed to meet OEM safety specifications before an ADAS calibration procedure. By eliminating manual measurements with advanced camera technology, technicians can rest assured that everything is placed correctly and the system will automatically compensate for the location of the vehicle. An accurate, easy-to-read report provides proof that you executed all steps required for an accurate calibration, helping ensure that you are putting a safe vehicle back on the road again.

Tru-Point™ was chosen by industry peers using an online voting system that was open to all.

Customers can find out more about the John Bean Tru-Point™ calibration system, as well as learn about other John Bean automotive wheel service repair products, by calling 877-482-4866 or visiting