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John Bean Tru-Point 360 View Calibrations Named MOTOR Top 20 Award Winner

John Bean® Tru-Point 360 View Calibrations has been selected as a 2023 MOTOR Top 20 award winner for its innovative features that help professional technicians properly service today’s technologically advanced vehicles.

“It is truly an honor to be named a MOTOR Top 20 Award winner and we graciously thank our industry peers for recognizing the John Bean Tru-Point 360 View Calibrations as a top product innovation in the automotive aftermarket,” said Jordan Krebs, product manager for John Bean. “Expanding coverage for automated placement is at the forefront of the evolution of Tru-Point, so we are continuously adding new hardware and procedural updates to further increase our customers’ capabilities.”

The Tru-Point TGT-05 accessory simplifies the 360 calibrations for manufacturers using vinyl mats. Four corner reflectors match up to the included BKT-15 clamps to ensure proper, consistent placement of the mats around the car. TGT-05 can check that the 360 mats are square, straight, properly sized, and aligned to the selected vehicle, allowing shop owners to rest assured that they are performing quality calibrations. Not only does TGT-05 check the mats for proper positioning, but it also helps keep the vinyl flat after being rolled up for storage.

BKT-16 for Tru-Point continues this advancement of 3D placement of ADAS accessories beside and behind the car by allowing blind spot calibrations without lasers, tape measures, or plumb bobs. This additional bracket for the RAD-11 cone set properly positions the cone for calibration directly in line with the vehicle’s sensors, checking the cone’s tilt, pitch, and height in one simple step.

A one-stop solution for ADAS calibration, the award-winning Tru-Point uses highly accurate advanced camera technology, targets and top-of-the-line software to quickly uncover any vehicle alignment issues so users can perform an accurate ADAS calibration.

Customers can find out more about the new John Bean Tru-Point ADAS calibration tool and other John Bean products by calling 877-482-4866 or visiting