Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer

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Heavy-Duty Wheel Balancer

General Repair


The 9800 wheel balancer meets the heavy-duty wheel balancing needs of today’s shops. The 9800 wheel balancer is designed to balance truck, bus, RV and automobile wheel and tire assemblies. It is capable of handling wheel ranges from 12" to heavy-duty 24.57" and also “super-singles”.

  • Part Number:  EEWB543AW

  • Pneumatic Wheel Lift -  Aids in the proper wheel mounting and reduces related strains caused by lifting heavy tires.

  • Semi-Automatic Data Entry - Inputs wheel diameter and distance utilizing the inner auto-assist data input arm, eliminating errors.

  • Self-Calibration by Operator - The operator can recalibrate the balancer in two easy steps, ensuring accuracy while saving costly service calls.

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File size : 7,460.11 Kb
File size : 5,842.52 Kb


Motorized Yes
Wheel clamping Quick Nut
Balancing accuracy 0.035 oz
Measuring time < 20 s
Measuring speed < 100 rpm
Max. wheel width   26" 
Max. wheel diameter 51" 
Max. wheel weight 550 lbs
Rim diameter range 8" - 30"
Rim width range 2" - 20"
Input power (VAC) 230 VAC 1Ph 50/60Hz
Dimensions LxWxH 54" x 55" x 76"
Net weight 560 lbs




Dayton Budd Wheel Adapter
00112110000 - Dayton Budd Wheel Adapter

20" Dayton Budd wheel adapter for heavy-duty wheel balancers.

Centering Disc
00112292000 - Centering Disc

8.69" centering disc for heavy-duty truck wheel balancers.